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ozsubasi 30Jun2012 12:30

New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
There is much discussion going on about Google's proposed tool to disavow links, but Bing is a step ahead and has already launched theirs.
Sign into Bing Webmaster Tools, click on the "configure my site site" tab and then select
"Disavow Links".
There are options to discount links from a domain, a directory or a page. All you need to do is indicate which you want, and then enter the url and click "Disavow".
I feel sure that Google will now follow with their own tool very soon.

shabbir 30Jun2012 12:42

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
I am sure Google will not follow that because it would mean they are following Bing. Google has to come up with something better than that.

Actually I think with announcement of Google Paid Inclusions its high time for Bing anyways.

I am actively looking into Bing optimization because I always believe it is Google only who can de-thrown Google and they are stepping towards de-throwning themselves

ozsubasi 30Jun2012 12:57

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
Sorry, when I said Google would follow I did not mean with exactly the same thing but with their own version of a disavow tool. I could have worded it better:).

I agree completely that if Google are to be overtaken it will be by their own doing. They have moved so far away from the original concept and at some point users will have had enough and will look for something offering simpler organic search results (as was Google's original intent).

shabbir 30Jun2012 13:21

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
Bing I think has a long way to make search results relevant because at times Bing is not able to rank official sites above the other spammy sites.

See http://imtips.co/google-vs-bing.html

ozsubasi 30Jun2012 13:40

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
Your article makes some good points, not least that it is users who decide the popularity of an SE not webmasters, and that Bing is not delivering the best possible results either.
But I do feel that Bing's apparent willingness to work more openly with webmasters may provide the opportunity to help improve the results situation.

shabbir 30Jun2012 13:56

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
Yes and that is where Google rules. No matter how badly it treats webmasters, they do good to users who uses them. As a webmaster you have to accept that fact as well.

Bing does not drive lot of traffic to websites and so webmaster's are not very keen on looking into Bing. If I look at June 1 2011 to June 30 2012 for Go4Expert, the stats are as follows.
  • google / organic - 84.08%
  • (direct) / (none) - 10.26%
  • bing / organic - 0.64%

And if I look for only June 2012, I see that ratio as 0.46% only which does not reveal much but I conclude is traffic from Bing is not picking up either and so it does not excite me to visit Bing Webmaster central either.

ozsubasi 30Jun2012 14:40

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
The problem with stats are that they are site specific, and although my Bing traffic is relatively low, it is still there.
Over the same period, 70% of my traffic came from search, 18% by referral and 12% was direct.
Looking at the search traffic, 87.23% was from Google, 4.43 Yahoo and 4.26 was Bing (previous month Bing was 4.03).

So while I fully appreciate that as far as Go4expert is concerned Bing is insignificant, it isn't necessarily so across the board.
A further consideration is that my total monthly traffic would only represent a small percentage of that which visits this forum, but e.g. I come here on a regular basis and am involved in real estate, and others from different fields will also visit because it has a fairly wide appeal. But there is no real reason for anyone to go to a site which features property for sale in a small town in a foreign country unless they have a specific interest in buying or selling real estate there.
What I mean is that even one visit can be significant for me, because it could result in my selling a home to someone, and I do not need to sell very many each year to cover the bills.

shabbir 30Jun2012 18:48

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
No I still think that Bing traffic is valuable because you may have conversions but what I meant is Google still enjoys large % of search volume and so Webmasters don't get good percentage of Bing traffic.

Something to look at:

from http://www.seobook.com/meta-thoughts

ozsubasi 30Jun2012 18:57

Re: New Bing "Disavow Links" tools
Very good:)

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