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padmini 5Feb2007 22:55

reading a image
please give me the code of how to read an image and print its corresponding dn numbers.
the taken image is a satellite image.
i am new with codings in C.
i know that it should be done using files.but,what commands should be used to read a binary file.
the image is a generic binary image

DaWei 6Feb2007 06:20

Re: reading a image
Please explain what a generic binary image is. I never heard of it.

It's doubtful that anyone is going to write your code. For one thing, you're short of about lebenty-jillion actual facts. When you've researched enough to actually present your question, you will be about ready to design the task and write some code, for which you can receive help. There is always the alternative of hiring it done on some job site, but you'll still have to specifiy the job accurately.

padmini 6Feb2007 10:24

Re: reading a image
a generic binary image is nothing but a normal binary file

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