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neeraj_77 12Jun2012 12:20

youtube problem with glype
Hi Friends,

I have a youtube problems on my glype proxy site. I can view youtube but when i click on a video i found an error there, video not found or acces denied on the video (jwplayer)

If anyone have Any ideas please suggest me.

site is hidesurf.me

Thank you

Alex.Gabriel 14Jun2012 00:55

Re: youtube problem with glype
Script used by you transforms all the url's from a page from site.com to hidesurf.blabla so youtube player get's the video url as hidesurf.bla.bla.. link that does not exist .

Here is a part of your code that actualy changes site code.


// Extract a base tag
        if ( (parser = /<base href(?==)=["']?([^"' >]+)['"]?(>|\/>|<\/base>)/i.exec(html)) ) {
                  ginf.target.b = parser[1]; // Update base variable for future parsing
                  if ( ginf.target.b.charAt(ginf.target.b.length-1) != '/' ) // Ensure trailing slash
                                ginf.target.b += '/';
                  html = html.replace(parser[0],''); // Remove from document since we don't want the unproxied URL

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