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freewilly 7Jun2012 17:07

Need help simcard dongle
I have a program which uses sim card as a security dongle. Simcard must be inserted into the phone or Modem with AT comand so that software can be used.
To Obtain serial number, We Must Send a IMSI number on SIMcard (15 digits)
IMSI Number: 510890974063132
Product Code: b24c84d234c989b3bac42168d849d093
Serial Number:
4a9c13d54139c6fc5964868a9af6f16d6e8e973e2cb468517a 87538cd92c3b3c4ff884643ba551cd7277338cd17480831148 31b813d34f853f577a099298fb0c

If the software serial number and IMSI Number correctly, but the simcard /modem does not capture the signal from the mobile operator / simcard damaged, software can not be used.
The solution is replace with a new SIMCARD and of course buying new serial Number again, and it's very expensive.

The question is: Can the software cracked ??
note: The software is built using C # and requires Netframework3.0 sp2.
Software is Portable so it does not require installation.
Such software also verifies the server developers if conected on internet.
Simcard also sent a special message to the developer.
Like buying a very expensive fish, but the tail still held them.:crazy::crazy::crazy:
Please I got Enlightenment In This Forum.

Sory if my English So Bad

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