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Prasanna_Adhikari 6Jun2012 08:50

C Compiling Problem
I'm pretty confused where to post this. I do hope this is the right place. I was using Turbo C++ 3.0 to compile my C Programs. Now I have started learning C under Windows, I need a new compiler for creating Windows related applications, I somehow managed to get Visual Studio 2010, but I am unable to compile windows related programs, it only compiles simple C programs that I was compiling using Turbo C++.

Is it that, Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition doesn't support Windows related C programs, or I am just a kid who doesn't know how to configure it? :D

I'm waiting for your help........:)

xpi0t0s 7Jun2012 11:30

Re: C Compiling Problem
New Project
expand Visual C++ in the left pane
select Win32

So far so good, this is what you've done previously.

Now, instead of selecting "Win32 Console Application" (which gives you a DOS-based program with main()), select "Win32 Project".

Give it a name and hit OK.

In the Win32 Application Wizard, select Windows Application in the Application Settings (should be on by default, but if for any reason it isn't, you can change it here), then click Finish.

This will create a barebones Windows application for you. Build and run it and you'll get a basic Windows program complete with resizable main window and a starter menu.

Prasanna_Adhikari 7Jun2012 12:09

Re: C Compiling Problem
Thanks xpi0t0s, I was using Win32 Console Application. Now I am able to compile my first program under Windows that displays "Hello!" successfully in a message box using Win32 Project.

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