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jon80 4Jun2012 19:20

Dealing with hackers?
Well, yesterday I was talking to a friend on social media facebook, and, it would seem that some hackers are managing to gain access to users' accounts by reading off their password (somehow). How does this happen?

She went on to narrate that she is receiving emails from facebook, warning her that other people are logging on to her facebook account, observing that she suspects that the hackers somehow are logging her actions. Her laptop runs Windows XP, and, has installed AVG 2012 antivirus.

Following some basic instructions, she used netstat to allow me to review the list of open ports, and, carried out a check using her anti-virus, and, seemed to indicate no known trojans, however I might be out of date, so you might fill me in with advice, please!

She also scanned her computer using AVG 2012, and, I suggested she tries other anti-virus/anti-malware software just in case, however, she asked me whether it is possible to trace the root cause of the hacker.

Today I switched on my laptop, and after having struggled with a corrupt video driver, my logon password (WinXP) seemed to have been changed by "the ghost". Similar unconfirmed incidents were noted when I log on to the APS 365 Online System, where, the bank keeps blaming me for having changed my password and resetting it after warning me that I may be subject to bank charges, because they do not have a 'forgot your password' feature within their portal.

I had the issue resolved by asking Scan Computers to crack my password, presumably using some brute force/dictionary software to clear my password and reset it, however I am still worried about the root cause.

I keep my passwords within an encrypted excel sheet on my hard disk which is protected by a password.

I use AVG 2012 as a virus and malware scanner, and, it is rated favourable by CNET, and, being unemployed I cannot afford to buy new software for the time being. My network runs on wireless and is maintained by Melita plc, so I have no control over the settings of the router, because I call their support whenever a problem crops up that seems to relate to Internet connectivity or the equipment they provided.

It would seem that wireless is hack-able according to online articles. I am not sure whether logging on to neworder.box.sk might have been the cause of the malware/virus, is it possible?

What is your advice?

Alex.Gabriel 5Jun2012 00:27

Re: Dealing with hackers?

Originally Posted by jon80 (Post 95508)

I keep my passwords within an encrypted excel sheet on my hard disk which is protected by a password.

What i can tell you about password stored on hard disks is that you can lose them quickly .
If you want to keep you password on hdd you should do it something like this.
e.g. : Clear password is :

your stored password should be like a hint :

so when you see it you understand what it represents but if any other see it will try it for long time without results. Got my ideea ?

jon80 5Jun2012 13:57

Re: Dealing with hackers?
Thank you

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