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kattyseo 2Jun2012 15:11

How can I automate the link building process? :cuss::surprised:p

ozsubasi 2Jun2012 19:04

Re: Seo
You include seo in your name, your interests are seo and web design, and your home page is an seo blog.
So I have to ask, why do you need to ask the question?

kattyseo 4Jun2012 18:01

Re: Seo
I have ask this question for the more advance technique in SEO for linking building ...

ozsubasi 5Jun2012 14:29

Re: Seo
I don't think many people would regard automated link building as an advanced technique, but rather as something to be avoided, which is why I questioned you.

kellys 14Jun2012 09:43

Re: Seo
You have to use tool for off-page optimization techniques. But its better if you are doing link building techniques manually as it is more helpful than tools

ozsubasi 15Jun2012 18:08

Re: Seo
This was a pointless question in the first place from someone who undoubtedly already knew the answer.
Thread closed.

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