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vimal26 29May2012 09:33

How can i block fb ?
hey guys i heard that through technique or software FB can be blocked so plz tell me how to do that ? i want to do it my office :P

coderzone 29May2012 11:06

Re: How can i block fb ?
Do you want to be blocking it for the complete network or on a particular computer.

bzforum 29May2012 12:26

Re: How can i block fb ?
If you want to block facebook on a particular computer you need to do a file edit...

Open this file

in your Text Editor and then

Quote: facebook.com login.facebook.com www.facebook.com
Add the above content in the file and save it...

The site would be blocked

P.S : On Windows 7 it is recommended that you copy the file on your desktop change it and then replace it...as the Text Editor will not allow you to save it..

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