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G421D 28May2012 20:01

hacking ssh password
i've found a username of ssh, but i still cudn't et the password....any advice guys?

Alex.Gabriel 30May2012 01:13

Re: hacking ssh password
ssh a.k.a sshd is a service running on Unix/Windows machines. If you ask how do you get the password .. sorry my friend but i answer you with another question :
Why do you need it ? If you don't google 5 minutes before asking here ... you cant just enter in some machine using sshd to ask after that :

I own a Linux server. What's next ?

G421D 30May2012 11:57

Re: hacking ssh password
I mean I have a problem to find the hash of the password....they showed me username but not the password, oya, of course i need the password to get root access.....hehe.thanks anyways....

Alex.Gabriel 30May2012 22:35

Re: hacking ssh password
password hash can be found in /etc/shadow file , to view it you must be root . If you are root and you just need to find a password hash just use this command:

cat /etc/shadow | grep your_username
Have fun

G421D 31May2012 14:15

Re: hacking ssh password
ok, thaks sir......

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