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grizz12 24May2012 14:27

Help How was it done
I am wondering if someone might. be able to give me some advice. Not sure if I am posting in the right forum so if not I appologise in advance..

I had one of my facebook contacts appear on my list under another name. They changed their name and profile picture so therefore they didnt have to get authorisation. They removed all the posts they had previously put up on my wall and just left one significant one. I clicked the profile picture since they had changed their name and the next day I found a trojan on my computer. It somehow got through Avira at the time. I had done a clean scan the day before I clicked the photo.

My question is this. Would it be possible to bind a trojan into a picture with a program and upload it to facebook? If it can be done is it an easy thing to do and would a person who is apparently capable of hacking facebook accounts be able to do something like this? Also if this method could be used would it leave a trace on the computer it was done on?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Alex.Gabriel 24May2012 22:58

Re: Help How was it done
Profile picture on facebook can't be virused . Facebook has methods and methods to avoid this. Anyway , executable files can be binded to image files . Are you sure that you have clicked only on that profile picture that day ?

Syperus 25May2012 04:23

Re: Help How was it done
Yes it is possible to bind a trojan or any virus to a picture. The problem with that though is it will show up with an .exe file format so I wouldn't worry about being trojaned through a facebook profile pic. The other option would be to hide the virus in an image using stenography, but again the virus would not be ran if you opened the picture. This is just a method of hiding files from plain sight.

grizz12 25May2012 04:45

Re: Help How was it done
I didnt click anything else. Like I said I noted the wording left on my wall and it had a different name and pic alongside the original wording so I clicked it. When I first did this it took me to the profile page, It didnt actually let me into the account. When I went back to it about an hour later the wording was gone from my wall, the original picture changed and it went from being a female to male.

Also another friend of mine who happens to be on her list had the same thing happen. She had a different profile name and picture and so she clicked it and she got a message about a trojan that it would seem was blocked.

I appreciate your help

Alex.Gabriel 26May2012 00:10

Re: Help How was it done
Are you sure you didn't accesed any facebook clone or anything else ? It is hard to believe that facebook is such an unsecure network.

Syperus 26May2012 03:23

Re: Help How was it done
The only way I can think of to get a virus from within facebook is by allowing allowing an app with malicious coding access. From there the app can direct a download/install to your computer.

grizz12 27May2012 18:35

Re: Help How was it done
I didnt actually click on anything other than the pic alongside the words which were on my wall.

If it was a cloned page could that explain why when I clicked the pic instead of it taking me inside her wall which would normally happen, it took me just to the profile page. I couldnt get inside the profile.

I also noticed today that the windows explorer file was modified at the same time I clicked this pic. Explorer had been running slow and three virus scans picked up nothing so I had a further look around.

Thanks for any help.

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