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Reds 15May2012 15:40

To change source code.
Hi Guys.. We as a team is playing a prediction game for IPL in criciket. i have selected certain player who could be top the scorer for certain tournament. but now admin is not allowing to change the player to predict who will be highest scorer for the tournament. :nonod:

Am able to see the source code but cannot edit or save it. Any help on how to edit it and save it back would be of great help..

Syperus 25May2012 04:38

Re: To change source code.
How can you see the source code of a game? I guess i'm a little confused, but unless your debugging and reading ASM I don't see how you can see the source. If you can see it, but can't edit it make sure it's not read-only if your under windows. If under Linux make sure you have write capabilities to the file. If your method of predicting is log reading and your system stores logs, you can have a program read the logs and do the math for you. If logs are server side you won't be able to do this unless you have access, which I'm assuming you don't. Fill me in on more info and I might be able to help you better.

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