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Pallavisingh 7May2012 12:03

need C++ debugging questions

i am new to this forum.
Could anyone please send me the 100 or more c++ debugging objective type questions to the id
this is urgent and i need this for a competition. I would be highly thankful to you..............

thank you

xpi0t0s 8May2012 16:04

Re: need C++ debugging questions
Why would a competition need you to supply 100 questions?
Why not write your own?

Pallavisingh 8May2012 22:30

Re: need C++ debugging questions
actually i am the organizer of this event of c++ debugging contest so i have to make the question paper for it and now i do not have sufficient time to write my own code............
so if you can help me out in this then i would be highly obliged to you................
thank you

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