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kaksmangi 27Apr2012 20:08

Interactive animation game
I have a coursework which involves implementing the classes and functions that are necessary to produce an animated interactive program.(basically a game)

Can someone help me as I am very new to programming. I need to:

1. Draw an appropriate background.

2.Have moving objects.

3. Have interaction between the moving objects and the environment.

4.Provide player interaction.

5.Provide AI-controlled objects.

6.Save and load information to and from files.

7. Display status information on the screen.

8.Support different states.

i have a a few framework bases classes such as BaseEngine.h, BaseEngine.cpp, DisplayableObject.h, DisplayableObject.cpp, FontManager.h, FontManager.cpp, JPGImage.h, JPGImage.cpp, TileManager.h, TileManager.
cpp, MovementPosition.h, Templates.h which i cannot change.

I have to utilise the supplied framework base classes, using sub-classing as necessary and overriding the methods which I need to change. I also should use the files MyProjectMain.h and MyProjectMain.cpp as the start of my
program, and may modify them as much as I wish. I can create any other files which I need and include them into the project.


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