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b0nkers 25Apr2012 23:35

researhing seo software
hi there.

i'm researching which software to buy and wold love to hear some opinions.

i've been looking at software such as IBP, nukeX, web ceo etc and also seomoz.

typical software that comes up within a google search for 'seo software reviews' will handle much of the automation in terms of actually sending out links, articles, spinning etc. strengths for these being, if you don't care about submission quality, they get things done fast and on a mass scale where you don't really need to do much research as they come with directories etc built in?

if i'm looking for quality, these programs are not necessarily the way to go unless i find my sources manually and use them for automation only right?

i also cam across seomoz, which seems to be a little different in that they focus on tools rather than submission.

can anyone give me any insight as to why i should pay monthly for a service instead of a one time fee these other softwares charge?

also, if the all-in-one is the best way to go... which would be recommended by the seo pro's?


ozsubasi 18Jul2012 19:40

Re: researhing seo software
No replies in nearly 3 months, and I imagine the OP has decided by now. Thread closed.

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