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Hackerz_job 23Apr2012 13:51

I need 3 hackers
I will need 3 hardcore hackers. Hackers should be 21- 28 years old only. This is a long term program/job for the right person.
Know how to hack programs, Bypass programs, Bypass registration key and enter without log in , knows windows file and change programs Etc.
Hacking computer from cars and make it faster …. Reverse engineers software… Accessing programs remotely... "HACKING" in-short.
Skill are needed like LINUX and a lot more.
I am looking for am looking for a Hacker from different countries. Applicants should be 21- 28 years old. Initial interviews will be done through Skype (Voice call "if needed"). Final interview will be done in your own country. We will meet you face to face. Compensation will be settled on the final interview. You will be well compensated. Compensation will not be lower than $1000...This is not an illegal job. We need special people with special skills.
If you have friends that can do the things that are stated above, that would be a great help. Please reply here if you are interested.
Note: My employer is not looking for a hacker that relies on software that he’s got. My employer wants to hire hardcore hackers only.

Thank you.

Email: hackerzjob AT gmail DOT com
Skype: hackerzjob

Hiring manager

shabbir 23Apr2012 14:25

Re: I need 3 hackers
Please don't create the same thread in all possible sub forums. Your other thread is removed.

Hackerz_job 23Apr2012 15:05

Re: I need 3 hackers
Sorry about that. I hope this one will not be removed... I need to find 3 hackers for a big job...
Thank you.

Hackerz_job 23Apr2012 15:10

Re: I need 3 hackers

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 94458)
Please don't create the same thread in all possible sub forums. Your other thread is removed.

Hi shabbir,

Will you help me find what im looking for? Please.

Thank you

shabbir 23Apr2012 16:06

Re: I need 3 hackers
No this thread will not be removed but I am not sure if I can help because I am just an admin for forum.

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