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rumi512 16Apr2012 14:57

PR4 link for exchange with an article
As i have knew from you, specially from shabbir that link exchanges are good when it is done through related topics or sites. I am using my site which has PR4, for article writing of different products and sites and now i want to write about any related posts from your site and put your post link there and asking you to do same if possible. This is just to exchange quality link. If that is ok, please let me know by email with your website address, i will start linking you as soon as possible. i will be visiting here soon.
Hope it will help some of us a little but with quality.

shabbir 16Apr2012 15:22

Re: PR4 link for exchange with an article
I never said that link exchanges are good but what i said is yes few links can be exchanged as per Google's guideline.

Read my views here - http://imtips.co/effectively-build-l...w-website.html

ozsubasi 16Apr2012 18:23

Re: PR4 link for exchange with an article
Would this be the same site that is the homepage in your profile, that you were querying in this thread:
how it had PR4 with only one backlink? The one that was given this PR just a week after it was registered?
Sorry, but if it is that site then personally it is not a site I would wish mine to be associated with.

rumi512 17Apr2012 09:07

Re: PR4 link for exchange with an article
Yes, i am talking about that site which is now a blog site. After feeling a great curiosity, i talked with the creator of that site and that person told me that this was the portfolio website of a famous company of USA "acmepanel". For some reason they leaved .biz :mean: and jumped to .com :undecided when this site has ranked with pr7 though the company didn't applied any SEO tricks. Probably at that time, google PR rule was not that tough like today's and that's why it got high PR easily. I bought it then from an auction site after almost 1.5 years and in between this auction period, it lost it's PR and now it is pr4. Now i am maintaining this site and doing my SEO jobs with this.

Anyway, thanks to all of you for wonderful reply. stay well :)

ozsubasi 18Apr2012 14:32

Re: PR4 link for exchange with an article
Ok, that makes things rather more clear, you bought an existing domain that had existing PR.
A whois search for acmepanel.com shows a current record from Jan 2010 so they had that domain name already before they sold the .biz.
I would think it very possible that the domains were linked to each other so that PR passed from .com to .biz (or the other way round) but that these links have now been removed. Also one would imagine that any other external links that were pointed at the .biz domain would have been transferred by acmepanel to the .com site. (Interestingly though, the .com is PR4 now as well, so if there was a 7 it has been lost altogether.)
My understanding of the value of an aged domain is the established links that come with it, so I am not sure how that fits in with your scenario as you said that it now only had one link.
But as you have now explained that you know the history of the domain, I am a little confused as to why you started the other thread asking how it could have PR4?

ozsubasi 16Jul2012 14:27

Re: PR4 link for exchange with an article
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