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arksys 3Apr2012 02:13

need some help hacking into my laptop...
hi there,

i was wondering if anyone could help me hack into my own pc or something similar.

the problem.

my usb and cd/dvd drives were not working on my laptop ... so i found an article which told me how to fix the problem ... it mentioned going into the registry and deleting the upper and lower filters and after deleting them restart the system.

after restarting i found that my keyboard and mouse pad are no longer functioning. my usb port still works so i tried and external mouse and an external keyboard. windows detected the mouse and the keyboard but they were not functional either.

I have the recovery discs but due to a previous sony firmware update my dvd drive can no longer read written discs... it can only read original dvd movies. so i cannot recover the system using discs.

i did try "boot using best last known configuration" during bootup but that did not work either ... probably because i had disabled system restore on all drives.

i also thought to boot using a usb drive but my system bios does not have the option to boot from usb.

on other sites i've seen that booting from network requires the cd-rom to work, which again is not functional.

fyi ... my keyboard works fine in dos and in running the bios.


at the moment my laptop will boot-up normally the desktop appears but i cannot do anything on that system... i was wondering if there is some way to hack into my laptop and gain remote access, so i can run the recovery application or even reverse the deletion of the registry keys?

any help will be greatly appreciated.

kickerr 3Apr2012 19:03

Re: need some help hacking into my laptop...
I'm not really sure how to hack it. but you could try to put all of your important files in a keep-sake website. After you have all of your important files saved you can factory reset you computer and that fix the problem. But i would also suggest you should scan your files for cookies and viruses.

arksys 11Apr2012 22:03

Re: need some help hacking into my laptop...
kickerr ... thank you for your reply, i managed to fix the problem a few days ago. I removed the hard drive from the laptop and fixed the registry errors. my system works perfectly once again... :)

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