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AgentsOfValue 22Mar2012 14:45

How to guest blog?
hi everyone!

i am new in link building. still gaining more knowledge.
i just want to know how to guest blog. what are the effective ways and steps?

thanks! :)

shabbir 22Mar2012 14:59

Re: How to guest blog?
What do you want to know about guest blogging?

AgentsOfValue 22Mar2012 15:05

Re: How to guest blog?
the first few basic steps.

shabbir 22Mar2012 15:09

Re: How to guest blog?
Find authority blogs in your niche. Find some content that is not on the blog and drop line using the contact form that you would like to share your article on the blog as guest post. That should do the job for you.

AgentsOfValue 22Mar2012 15:15

Re: How to guest blog?
thanks so much! :)

shabbir 22Mar2012 15:39

Re: How to guest blog?
The pleasure is all mine. :D

AgentsOfValue 22Mar2012 15:42

Re: How to guest blog?
looking forward to posting some more questions here :)

shabbir 22Mar2012 15:44

Re: How to guest blog?
Sure always and will be more than happy to help.

Apoorva 11Apr2012 23:12

Re: How to guest blog?
When I do guest blogging, I keep the following points in mind:
- Research: The blog you are choosing must be of relevant category/niche of your website.
- your content/post: Do best to ensure your guest post will be very unique, detailed and informative.
- proofreading: This helps to make you sure that how effective and and clear your guest post is.
- Submitting: Send the post along with email, this can easily give it a quick scan to see if it is right for your blog or not.
- Interaction: Interact with the readers in the comment section, this makes your blog active.

kellys 14Jun2012 09:45

Re: How to guest blog?
Guest blogging means posting your blog post on the other blogs. You have to post unique blog post

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