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ozsubasi 20Mar2012 18:48

Evidence of ideal keyword density figure
I got involved in two threads on another forum that were both concerned with keyword density.
There is a video from Matt Cutts which explains that Google does not have an "ideal" keyword density, (
but even after the link to it was posted countless people continued to post different percentages of what they believed it should be. Unfortunately no-one seemed able to provide any support for these figures, and that is the reason for my starting this thread.

What I would like to ask here is that if there is anyone on this forum who believes in and works with a set KD figure, are they able to give a source as to where it comes from?
I have no problem with disbelieving what Google says, but I want some grounds for doing it.

What I am specifically not asking for is either a definition of KD, or just to know what anyone thinks it is.
I am only asking those who can give a reference to where their's comes from. If it is out there somewhere,I would like to see it please. My suspicion is that if it exists it is very old and that this is just one of those things that some people will not let go of, but I am ready to be convinced.

shabbir 20Mar2012 19:42

Re: Evidence of ideal keyword density figure
I would tend to believe that KD does not exists in 2012 because KD is of no importance because having the keywords in right areas of the page is what should be considered.

By Right area I mean title, Hx tags and other such visual elements.

I have some samples where I have seen an improvement in my ranking just by changing the on page factors on my other forums. On my blog I have an article about impact of vBSEO on my forum and you can read the article here. vBSEO does not deal with any off page elements but only on page elements and having the right kind of elements on your page can certainly boost your rankings in Google.

ozsubasi 21Mar2012 12:43

Re: Evidence of ideal keyword density figure
I agree, it is the deployment of keywords rather than their frequency of use that is the important factor.
I'm not really expecting anyone to quote a source that contradicts that, but am rather hoping for something so that I can see where it comes from that many seem to firmly believe in. I get the impression that for a lot of people either SEO has remained unchanged since it was first devised, or they are working from some outdated information.

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