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polaris 1Feb2007 21:27

file upload
Hi guys

can anyone help me?
i need an asp script that shows "hello!" in a html code by default But when i write for e.g : "page.asp?act=upload" in url, it shows a file uploader

for example : something like this in php

echo "hello";

But i need ASP code of this


pradeep 2Feb2007 10:55

Re: fileupload
Check this out http://www.asp101.com/articles/jacob/scriptupload.asp

polaris 2Feb2007 11:03

Re: fileupload
Thanks for your answer pradeep
I need a tool to encrypt tool ASP files.
do u know anything?

polaris 2Feb2007 11:04

Re: fileupload
*I need a tool to encrypt ASP files.

pradeep 2Feb2007 11:10

Re: fileupload
You may find some help here http://www.htmlguardian.org/help_main.html

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