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mariamMAB 11Mar2012 22:04

understand Azkaban algorithm
Azkaban algorithm is one of the algorithm that use to solve the mazes, I need to understand this algorithm

xpi0t0s 12Mar2012 16:16

Re: understand Azkaban algorithm
Have you tried Googling it?

mariamMAB 13Mar2012 11:12

Re: understand Azkaban algorithm
yes, and it givr me a page that contain many information but it not specify how exactly the miocromouse move in the maze

- I know that we should divide the maze into rectangular and fill it with azkaban values but then why the micromouse move for example right not left although both of them are open points ???

xpi0t0s 13Mar2012 13:17

Re: understand Azkaban algorithm
Which page? "Azkaban algorithm" returns over 1 million hits (although most are probably about Harry Potter).

But probably the answer to that question is that the mouse can't split and go down both exits simultaneously, so it will have to pick one direction, remember there was a choice, then come back later and try the other leg.

mariamMAB 13Mar2012 18:03

Re: understand Azkaban algorithm
Aha maybe I get it maybe it depend on the priority, maybe if I will program the micro mouse to go right as first priority option then it can return back if it didn't found the correct path

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