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gg_verma 1Mar2012 02:06

more on c
hii m a newbie in programming world i hv started on wid c. i hv studied all the basics now m trying to move forward wid c programming but i dont knw hw to proceed basically why should i learn c wat all will i be able to program using c and hw do i start programming real stuff like apps and all.......

dearvivekkumar 1Mar2012 16:32

Re: more on c
I think you are talking about creating Graphical User Interface(GUI) application. If this happens to be true then explore WIN32 on Windows or GTK+ on Linux(GNOME)

gg_verma 3Mar2012 19:09

Re: more on c
k i hv started on wid win32 workin on visual studio 2010 i also installed project2010 sdk but m unable to find a documentation can u tell me somethin abt it??

xpi0t0s 5Mar2012 18:57

Re: more on c
It's complex. You need to RTF-MSDN. Try the sample programs that come with the SDK and experiment with them; also you might like to consider reading Petzold's Programming Windows.

gg_verma 5Mar2012 22:21

Re: more on c
hey if i hv installed visual studio ultimate 2010 it includes vc++ and all other things do i need to get sdk for it separately?? if yes can u provide a link plz.......

xpi0t0s 5Mar2012 22:26

Re: more on c
VS includes the SDK. You definitely need to ***READ MSDN***.

dearvivekkumar 7Mar2012 12:09

Re: more on c
1)Download the English version of the pdf from the link below. Explanation is very intuitive in this.
winprog . org / tutorial /
2)Also this link too have good tutorial for Win32 API
relisoft . com / win32 / index . htm
3) Read this book it's covers too much, But only if you have patience
Programming Windows API 5th -Charles Petzold

Finally if you explore msdn for detail explanation for every API you are using.

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