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seo-marketing 28Feb2012 17:37

Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
Hello All, I would like to know from your experience. How much "potential" traffic do you get from Google as compared to Yahoo/Bing. I have observed that traffic ratio is as below: Google:Yahoo:Bing 70:25:5 Do let me know your inputs.

shabbir 28Feb2012 18:42

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
Thats the pretty much a standard

jhonden 29Feb2012 15:21

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
Ratio will be the same as you have mnentioned when it come to analysing it as most of the visitors use google for their searches so it will be on a higher scale from google and then will come the rest from yahoo and bing. After all it is about preference.

ozsubasi 1Mar2012 18:37

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
There will be differences for some locations but otherwise I don't think there will be any significant variations.

ozsubasi 2Mar2012 18:44

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing

Originally Posted by marino.DV (Post 92975)
also take in consideration that Google is more popular in Europe for example; Bing i think is more of an American search engine

As I said, there will be variations due to location and the above statement is correct. I was just looking at figures which suggest 78/9/10 for the US (G/Y/B) and 95/2.5/1.5 for Europe (with the balances going to other SE's).
If we look at Asia, the Chinese SE Baidu has a strong presence so that it is 64/3/8 plus Baidu with 24.
So obviously it does depend on where you are in the world.
(source for figures: http://netmarketshare.com/)

ozsubasi 2Mar2012 18:50

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
I had a deeper look and in India (where the OP is based) the figures are very strongly pro-Google at 98/1/1
though I appreciate that is probably not the OP's target country.
I can't vouch for the accuracy of this source but it even provides data down to city level.

Apoorva 26Apr2012 22:53

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
I think the variation might be depends on the location, like if we are talking about Australia, the ratio can be 80:15:5., but it may vary for the other sites because it is my analysis of website.

ozsubasi 16May2012 14:34

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing

Originally Posted by net4rx (Post 94987)
Google is big search engine and we are collecting all types data.Google has far more usage data built up over the years & a huge market share advantage over Bing in literally every global market.

The OP is looking for specific data, it is already well known that Google has the largest market share.

ozsubasi 16May2012 14:58

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
Perhaps we should be looking beyond potential traffic and more at what is actually happening.
For Google, Yahoo & Bing, of the traffic that comes from them to my site the ratio is 94:3:3.
However, those three SE's account for 70% of my traffic (66:2:2) which means that 30%, (which is a substantial amount) is coming from elsewhere. For example 12% come directly to the site and 14% are referrals.

RokasXimal 25Jun2013 11:10

Re: Google Vs Yahoo/Bing
I think as you have mentioned the results might remain the same when it comes to examining it as most of the guests use search engines for their queries so it will be on a greater range from search engines and then will come to relax from google and bing.

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