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Zillah 25Feb2012 20:23

Whos gat it?
What makes life so beautiful on earth?:nice::pleased::happy:

shabbir 25Feb2012 21:14

Re: Whos gat it?
The life itself.

vinodkunwar 23Mar2012 17:47

Re: Whos gat it?
You earn more money and makes life happy it's my opinion only.

Zillah 23Mar2012 20:55

Re: Whos gat it?
Shabbir, its a great one.

Scripting 24Mar2012 02:03

Re: Whos gat it?
In my opinion mainly money makes life more beautiful, coz If you have no money, you will have no computer (just imagine it ...). Although life is very beautiful itself, with money you can make it even more beautiful than it is :D

Colpini.rc1 2Apr2012 02:49

Re: Whos gat it?
I think money, because if you have money, you have all happiness.

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