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terenkleo 18Feb2012 21:21

I can't find my images, HELP?
I took a family photo, and I connected the phone to the computer. My phone is a E63 Nokia, anyway. It appears to me, I only get what's stored on the memory card. I think the image isn't there on the memory card. What do I do? Also, I can't move it there, it doesn't give me a "move" option.

shabbir 19Feb2012 08:52

Re: I can't find my images, HELP?
No way related to programming.

halimm4m 29Jun2012 23:14

Re: I can't find my images, HELP?
Hi, this is my first participation in this forum, but I think that I have a solution to this problem:
1- send the photo to someone who can move them to the memory card (in some phones you make a configuration which allow you to stock all files revived from blue-tooth in the memory card like SAMSUNG try to search in default memory)
2- then connect this phone to the computer and copy them
3- or if you have a blue-tooth hardware this will make it easier.
I hope I help you ENJOY.

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