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Ragnarok 15Feb2012 20:28

Need help Virus takes over computer
the other day i started up my computer and notest that all my avast shilds and windows fire wall were off. when i went to turn them on a error poped up after about 2 hours of trying to turn them back and runing virus scans ( that came up with nothing but oveusly there is somthing rong ) and what not i came to the conclution this was out of my league.

ive tryed using kesp kaspersky rescue disk and bitdefender rescue disk but the virus or what not froze them ( out side of windos which i did not understade):mean:

any ideas or other metheds of taking the virus out or what type of virus this is?

worst case i us DBAN but if i could get this virus out and posibly learn somthing new that would be great.

MistGrounder 17Feb2012 03:32

Re: Need help Virus takes over computer
Well, you can check what services your coputer starts and also form register and other such places, that what usual programs it starts. If there are some unusual ones then remove those and try without these. It might work, but probably won't

There is just to many viruses to give you better help. If nothing else helps, then taking your important information out and using dban is the best idea.

If you give any more information about how and when it started, then maybe we can help more but this is not enough. There is ton of viruses, I doubt that even antivirus company reversers or someone else can help you with only this information. Sorry :(

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