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pushpat 14Feb2012 16:28

how to overload unary operator '!' as member funtion
Hi folks,
I am learning operator overloading concept in c++, wrote sample program to test overloading of unary operator '!' and '-'.
Code will work if i use them as friend function but not for member function. Can anybody tell where am i going wrong in function bool operator!(const co_ordi &a) and co_ordi operator-(const co_ordi &x); . Is that correct way to declare and define.

I am getting following error
op_ovld_unary.cc:18: error: ‘bool co_ordi::operator!(const co_ordi&)’ must take ‘void’
op_ovld_unary.cc: In function ‘int main()’:
op_ovld_unary.cc:45: error: no match for ‘operator!’ in ‘!a’
op_ovld_unary.cc:45: note: candidates are: operator!(bool) <built-in>
op_ovld_unary.cc:50: error: no match for ‘operator-’ in ‘-b’
op_ovld_unary.cc:22: note: candidates are: co_ordi co_ordi::operator-(const co_ordi&)


using namespace std;

class co_ordi
        int cx,cy,cz;
        co_ordi(int x=0,int y=0,int z=0):cx(x),cy(y),cz(z)
                cout<<"in c_tor="<<cx<<cy<<cz<<endl;
        void get_coordi()
 // friend co_ordi operator- (const co_ordi &a);
 // friend bool operator! (const co_ordi &a);
 bool operator!(const co_ordi &a)
                return (a.cx == 0 && a.cy == 0 && cz==0);
        co_ordi operator-(const co_ordi &x)
                co_ordi k(-x.cx,-x.cy,-x.cz);
                return k;
/**co_ordi operator- (const co_ordi &x)
        cout<<"me minus"<<endl;
        return co_ordi(-x.cx,-x.cy,-x.cz);
bool operator! (const co_ordi &a)

        return (a.cx == 0 && a.cy == 0 && a.cz == 0);

int main()
        co_ordi a,b(4,5,6);

        cout<<"a at origin"<<endl;
                cout<<"a not at origin"<<endl;
    b =        -b;
        return 0;

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