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tedman 30Jan2007 23:04

Advantages of C over java
I was asked this question in an interview recently

List 5 advantages of C over Java!

The only things I could think of were C has pointers and C is faster! what could be the other advantages??

Ted :mad:

DaWei 31Jan2007 06:16

Re: Advantages of C over java
Advantages are in the mind of the beholder. C is a lower-level language, with more direct control over the machine as actually built. It compiles to directly executable machine instructions, rather than requiring a virtual machine to exist, at run time, on the target. This reduced abstraction is an advantage in some instances and a detriment in others.

shabbir 31Jan2007 08:24

Re: Advantages of C over java
I will add some more to the list

1. No global variables in java (Dont Quote me on this but its advantage many a times like the LFC theApp variable)
2. No preprocessor in java.

If it would have been C++ there are many more to add like
1. No support for mulitple inheritence
2. No support for templates
3. Cannot overload operators

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