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kingportipher 28Jan2012 02:05

am new here and wanna know how to program good games can someone help me out. like the language to use and the tutorials on them.

Scripting 28Jan2012 03:13

Re: hi
Good games? You mean some advanced 3D games? Then go for C and DirectX :)

kingportipher 28Jan2012 16:08

Re: hi
can you help me out. about the tutorials and where to get the programming software

Scripting 28Jan2012 16:34

Re: hi
Sure, here is DerectX tutorial : http://www.directxtutorial.com/tutor...sics/dx9B.aspx
THere are also apps you will need ... :)

kingportipher 28Jan2012 20:19

Re: hi
thank you very much am soo greatful.

Scripting 29Jan2012 15:21

Re: hi

Originally Posted by kingportipher (Post 91741)
thank you very much am soo greatful.

You are welcome!

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