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panstou 19Jan2012 04:45

MIPS programm
Hello guys, I just started use MIPS assembly language and want to write a MIPS assembly language programm to process two vectors V and Y with k elements (unsigned integer) each, and find the elements V [i] and Y [j] (with i, j = 0, 1, ... k - 1) of V and Y respectively, giving maximum multiplying V [i] * Y [j].
The data vectors to be located in my source code as variables table (in the section. Data) and not to give the keyboard.

Could someone help me?
thank you very much!!!!

panstou 19Jan2012 04:53

Re: MIPS programm
I made a mistake, I meant unsigned integers.

shabbir 19Jan2012 10:15

Re: MIPS programm
Yes we can read even if you post it once.

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