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danisandes20 9Jan2012 01:11

which to choose?
hello all xD
I'm thinking about buying a good and cheap tablet with Android to offer to my daughter, but I'm torn between two :s
which is which is better?
I do not know anything about tablets lol
help me please and thanks for your help (:

Scripting 11Jan2012 01:32

Re: which to choose?
In my opinion, second one is much more better, 'cause it has better processor and more RAM memory and to all it's cheaper! :)

Scripting 9Jul2012 15:36

Re: which to choose?
No, I haven't bought it, but from specifications I would choose the 2nd :)

neeraj_77 10Jul2012 14:05

Re: which to choose?
Obviously Second one is the best.

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