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jhonden 5Jan2012 14:14

End of PPC
Will SEO in coming years would bring an end to PPC. I was talking to an SEO expert the other day and I was shocked listening him. He confidently opined that PPC will end in near future as SEO is growing tremendously. What you guys have to say on this. I am still confuse.

jeremyc 5Jan2012 15:27

Re: End of PPC
The future of the PPC was continually called into question, however, I don't think PPC will end in near future. Most search engine results pages will display a number of PPC ads, and would typically appear adjacent to the natural search engine results to make PPC ads more popular among webmasters.

adoncia 7Jan2012 16:02

Re: End of PPC
SEO will never be the complement of PPC.

sarah189 11Jan2012 15:26

Re: End of PPC
Google tries to force any customer that walks into a brickstore to buy something, or maybe charge a fee for any person looking at a street billboard, it just doesn’t work that way. PPC is cheap as the air we breath and domainers are screwed. Domains catch the eyeballs for nothing, something big must happen to bring down Google’s monopoly to dictate human behavior.

stiveseo 17Jan2012 15:07

Re: End of PPC
PPC will never come to an end because of its use in various and fast result and for them who never want to wait.

tonnygarden 27Jan2012 18:31

Re: End of PPC
Well, we cannot say that, SEO and PPC both of them are real competitor to each other and I don’t think PPC will end in near future. Most of the search engines are still displaying PPC ads on their results page and it helps you to increase your website page rank.

Apoorva 13Feb2012 20:04

Re: End of PPC
I don't think that, SEO will end the PPC completely.
PPC is a service provided by Google, the major search engine and having its own impact in the business. SEO is a long-term and continuous process.
Who can speak about the future trends?

George harrison 4Jun2013 10:00

Re: End of PPC
Although SEO is growing tremendously, PPC will still remain because its an instant process while SEO is a long term process.

semaphore.v 23Nov2013 15:37

Re: End of PPC
I think PPC is still important and effective.

shashikantchauhan 24Jul2014 10:19

Re: End of PPC
hey both are different things seo and ppc . ppc is pay per click and seo stands for search engine optimization. in seo you get organic traffic then in ppc you have to pay for every visitor who was come from click or ad. so both are never ends.

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