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Scripting 2Jan2012 13:41

Data bitrate :D
Each human cell contains 75 megabytes of genetic information, thus one sperm is 37.5 megabytes.
One milliliter of semen contains 100 million of sperms.
During ejaculation, lasting at average of 5 seconds, will release about 2.25 ml of semen.
By calculation we find that the data bitrate of the male speerm is (37.5 M x 100M x 2.25) / 5 = 1687.5 terabytes per second.
As result, we found that womens' eggs are able to withstand DDoS attacks with a strenght of more than 1.5 petabytes per second, yet pass a single data packet. Thus it is the most robust hardware firewall in the world.
But this one packet, which pass, will shutdown your whole system for 9months.

:D Some biology basics are required to uderstand this :D

Scripting 2Jan2012 13:42

Re: Data bitrate :D
I hope it's not violating joke, is it?

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