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silviatodorof 31Dec2011 23:42

UML to Java Code Help
Please, anybody can help me in my assignment. I tried it many times, but I couldn't do it.
Title: Doctor Appointment
  • Show all the hospitals.
  • Choosing a specialization they want to book a doctor appointment.
  • Choosing a doctor from the list of doctors.
  • Show all the reservations for a particular customer.
  • Check availability of dates and time they need the appointment.
  • Fix appointment date and time.

  1. Form needs a main menu shows links to other forms.
  2. Form for registration new patient.
  3. Form for reservation.
  4. Form to login already registered patients.
  5. Form to show (all hospitals, all departments/specialization) according to user selction.

There should be a link from each form to the main menu.

Use the object oriented design paradigm to design and develop a Java program to meet the above requirements.
  • A UML Use Case Diagram for the system.
  • A UML Class Diagram for the system.
  • A UML Sequence & Collaboration Diagrams for the system.

ewaldhorn 3Jan2012 10:26

Re: UML to Java Code Help
If you could post your code effort and explain what your problem is, perhaps someone could help you.

silviatodorof 3Jan2012 18:04

Re: UML to Java Code Help (1/2)
1 Attachment(s)
The attached code is working. I tried to create UML diagrams using NetBeans. Individual components were created but not connected as proper UML diagrams.

silviatodorof 3Jan2012 18:10

Re: UML to Java Code Help (2/2)
1 Attachment(s)
The attached file explains how I tried to create UML diagrams

ewaldhorn 3Jan2012 18:24

Re: UML to Java Code Help
NetBeans UML reverse engineering has never really worked well, I don't think it's supported in the later versions anymore. Not by default anyway.

I do wonder though, what IS the relationship between your classes? UML shows the inheritence between objects, and most of your classes seem to be pretty independent? They do not extend any other classes?

Your best bet would be to import into into ArgoUML and set up the links yourself if it does not create them by default.

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