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needhelp2 30Dec2011 13:58

need help
I want to request some help here, need any information about web and e-mail hack. Ive been corned by a former friend. Now Im really broke and want to resque what Im able to, but my knoeldge is very poor about hacking, I tried to get the pw of a site oat an e-mail, without any success. If somebody here to help me, pls: lehner100@web.de.
Thanks and a happy new year.

state 3Jan2012 08:42

Re: need help
Seems like you are interested in cracking.There are tons of software available on the internet.Crack at your own risk.

jhonden 3Jan2012 12:46

Re: need help
Use new softwares for cracking. You will be able to recover your password.

needhelp2 3Jan2012 22:49

Re: need help
Thanks for the answers. But I didnt find a workable software. If somebody send me a link, I would appreciate pretty much.

Scripting 4Jan2012 01:14

Re: need help
You want hash password cracking tool?

needhelp2 4Jan2012 01:19

Re: need help
Yes I think so. I want to hack a website or his e-mail account. Thanks!

Scripting 5Jan2012 11:43

Re: need help
So you already have a hash of that password? Coz If you don't, you can't crack it, obviously.

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