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Scripting 30Dec2011 02:04

2 jokes
Webmaster is filling up the survey:
Age: 25
Height: 185
Colour of Eyes: #4040FF

3 most catastrophic accidents in the world history:
Hiroshima 45
Chernobyl 86
Windows 95

denishverma 2Jan2012 14:01

Re: 2 jokes
Windows 95 is really a big accident...and its make a history also.

My color of eyes - #99999

Scripting 2Jan2012 14:17

Re: 2 jokes
LOL yeah :D My colour of eyes: #FF0000 :D

BTW. I think windows Vista was even much worse
accident :D

jhonden 2Jan2012 14:49

Re: 2 jokes
Lolz. This is really funny. Happy new year.

Scripting 2Jan2012 15:00

Re: 2 jokes

Originally Posted by jhonden (Post 90800)
Lolz. This is really funny. Happy new year.

Happy New Year to you too! :happy:

mukeshsoftona 24Jan2012 14:07

Re: 2 jokes

neeraj_77 25Jan2012 17:48

Re: 2 jokes
good jokes.

mukeshsoftona 15Feb2012 17:27

Re: 2 jokes
funny dear. and happy slap day...lol

mirandu85 23Feb2012 14:14

Re: 2 jokes
remember those days ...

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