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Scripting 30Dec2011 00:43

Warnings vs. Errors
One man sitting on a bench in a park, starting to smoke a cigarette.
Next to him is sitting a girl saying to him: "what the hell are you doing, don't you see, that big warning on the box that smoking spoils your health and can cause a cancer?"
And the man replies: "Honey, you know, I am a programmer. We absolutely do not care about Warnings, we care about Errors only!"

shabbir 30Dec2011 09:03

Re: Warnings vs. Errors
Nice one :D

mike_12 30Dec2011 11:18

Re: Warnings vs. Errors
error is about the wrong , and waring is why it wrong.

shabbir 30Dec2011 14:15

Re: Warnings vs. Errors

Originally Posted by mike_12 (Post 90711)
error is about the wrong , and waring is why it wrong.

Did you read the content or making posts based on Title?

Scripting 9Jul2012 11:34

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Was this written by some very dumb idiot, or was it bot? hmmm... direct ban :thinking:

KatKone 14Sep2012 18:04

Re: Warnings vs. Errors
Nice joke, I enjoy it.

bennyred 30Mar2013 09:33

Re: Warnings vs. Errors
Mike would you be able to help me with an ethical email account hack? It's very important, I read your offer of such a service to another go4expert forum member, I also am unable to work out how to pm you, but am hopig you'll get an email alert to this reply to your post! Thank you, Ben (in the UK).

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