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VryNice2SeeU 18Dec2011 22:28

Pokerstars account banned
Hello. My PokerStars account have been banned/frozen. I have been trying to create a new account but they regognize me, so I tried to change my IP and used C cleaner to clear out all cookies and stuff like that, but still, it did not work.

Is there any other suggestion to what I can do, so that a software will not regognize me?
- If there is, please explain in a easy understandable way, I am not very familiar with all this ip-change, proxy and stuff like that.

Regards, VryNice2SeeU

ritsmontu 28Dec2011 15:56

Re: Pokerstars account banned
There could be Multiple reasons for this....Did you by anychance tried to access pokerstars from US?

They may have frozen your account as a routine review and I also heard that this issue can be caused if you are using VPN which can give a US IP address.

Note: Online gambling has been illegal in the US since 2006 / IT IS ILLEGAL to play at Pokerstars or FullTilt or any of the typical places from anywhere in the USA. The US Gov cracked down on them

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