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shabbir 12Dec2011 11:24

Most Active Member of 2011
Vote for the Most Active member of 2010. Nomination is based on the number of post count in 2011.

Note:- User's with at least 25 forum posts will only be allowed to vote. If you have 25 posts and still not able to vote please wait for sometime for the permissions to be active.

lionaneesh 12Dec2011 19:55

Re: Most Active Member of 2011
Why I deserve this Badge/Status

I tried to help people and tried to interact with them , always. Go4Expert is like a second home as well as a second school for me to learn as well as share my knowledge with our community of geniuses! I tried my best to payback to the community who have always helped me no matter what the problem was.

If you liked my posts or articles , vote for me.


shabbir 25Dec2011 20:57

Re: Most Active Member of 2011
Winner of Most active members are lionaneesh and xpi0t0s.

Congrats. Each of your post (Old and new) will accompany the following badge because you have also won the most valueable members as well.

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