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iyerabh 11Dec2011 01:31

Question Regarding Java Workflow Engines

I'm looking for a Workflow Engine that could fit my project's needs.

I have evaluated Activiti and JBPM
However, they did not address my exact needs.

So my application, which is Java based, currently does not have a workflow engine in place.
It is a fairly complicated application with a lot of different modules and different entities.
We want to integrate a workflow engine which would convert the current possible states of every entity into a workflow.
Currently every entity has states that are not workflow driven. (say open, fixed, verified, closed)
So, a user can select any state from any other one (which is not always right). Approvals cannot be configured on individual states

We want a workflow engine that will fit right in and convert the current states to a workflow. However, we want to give some flexibility to the administrator to be able to define/modify workflows through a graphic user interface (drag and drop).

Can anyone suggest a workflow engine which could fit in here?
Please ask if you need more details, and I could provide those.


ewaldhorn 28Dec2011 14:34

Re: Question Regarding Java Workflow Engines

It sounds like you need more of a redesign that just a drop-in workflow engine. Perhaps, if you could provide more information regarding the application (desktop, web-based) and technologies used, we could be of more assistance?

Best regards.

iyerabh 8Jan2012 00:32

Re: Question Regarding Java Workflow Engines

Thanks for your reply.
Here are some details about my application.
It is a web-based application with the back-end coded in Java and supported by an Oracle Database. The front end is in XUL (a Mozilla technology).
The primary requirement is to try and get a workflow engine to replace the adhoc states that our entities can take based on the choice the user makes. These states are currently just the value of a column in the database rather than a fixed sequence of values (as in a workflow)

Do you think there is a workflow engine that we can customize to fit our application? What we need is an engine that replaces the current states and calls a service based on the state of the workflow at any given point. Also, the workflow needs to be configurable to the maximum extent possible so that the end user can customize/alter it to fit his needs.


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