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devil_aj 9Dec2011 12:02

how to recover a deleted file in linux
i ve deleted few files and want to recover it, as i didnt create a recycle bin for my server!!!!!!!!!!!!! :undecided

sura 9Dec2011 23:35

Re: how to recover a deleted file in linux
Then, there is no way to recover it .But you can recreate it.

Trimegisto 12Dec2011 21:12

Re: how to recover a deleted file in linux
If you just deleted them they are still there, only not immediately visible by the OS. The deletion of files is simply a removal from their entries in the file index. If you want to completely erase files beyond any recovery, you must use proper safety tools that will, for instance, fill that space with zeros.

Having said that, if you are not writing a lot of information on your server, chances are that those files haven't been overwritten yet thus they can be recovered with the appropriate recovery tools.

Use Google to search for "file recovery tools" and good luck!

exoticious 14Dec2011 03:39

Re: how to recover a deleted file in linux
Segfaultii, I'm not sure if you understand where I'm getting at in my post. I wasn't asking if node-based software allows me to do better things or not... I already realize I can do the same thing with AE as artists can do with Nuke, Fusion, or Shake. I was asking if the industry uses AE from a job-placement standpoint. As someone who knows AE and not Nuke, what are my chances of getting a comp job at a place that primarily uses Nuke? So, I wanted to know what places use AE so I can focus my attention to them. Pacer, there is a search function and google. The question for software is asked every day on every cg froum that there is. It just doesnt matter, and here is why: Many studios and production companies use a wide range of software, and if you can convince them that you are good at your craft, they will hire and train you in their software. Take Pixar for example: they animate on marionette, which noone outside of pixar has ever used. They train animators, not software operators. That's why we are so tired of the software question, it just doesn't matter. If you can composite well, you'll get hired. Noone will turn you down if you can't operate a specific software. If anyone wants to put that paragraph in a FAQ thread, feel free to do so.

rodyruby 10Jul2012 17:57

Re: how to recover a deleted file in linux
Any kind of corruption or improper formatting in Ext2 & Ext3 partitions of Linux operating system can cause inaccessibility in the entire data stored in it. To rescue those damaged data, Linux recovery tools have been innovated which can instantly extract data from the corrupted partitions. To fight against the data disaster in Linux, you must use Kernel for Linux; an effective recovery software.you can download this software from here datarecoverylinux.net

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