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cancer10 24Nov2011 09:00

Migrating your live database
Hi People,

I am not too sure if this is the correct section to post this. (Mods pls move this to the appropriate section if not)

This is a common scenario when you need to move your live website which has a good amount of traffic all the time to a new server. How do you manage to move the db WITHOUT locking the db or putting up a "site under maintenance" page and loosing any data?

Whats the best approach?

Thanks in advance

shabbir 24Nov2011 09:13

Re: Migrating your live database
At any given point of time you have to lock your database when doing the move or else you may loose some data that is between the backup and restore.

It cannot be done without a message to the user but yes you don't need to have under maintenance message but a better one like Upgrading.

cancer10 24Nov2011 10:18

Re: Migrating your live database
Thanks for the reply.

What do the big giants like facebook/twitter do when they upgrade their site / db? Do they follow the same approach, as I have never seen an "upgrade" banner on their site?

shabbir 24Nov2011 10:22

Re: Migrating your live database
They also follow the same process but the reason you don't see such issues is because they don't have one server but many such server and when they are upgrading things on one server you are being served from other servers.

Twitter when upgraded to the new interface had the message momentarily as well.

cancer10 24Nov2011 10:26

Re: Migrating your live database
Alright. Thanks for all ur replies.

shabbir 24Nov2011 12:00

Re: Migrating your live database
The pleasure is all mine buddy.

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