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keerth516 21Nov2011 12:58

Error spawing:cmd.exe
I wrote a simple c program to read the each character from the text file which is saved in desktop and display in console window. I am using Visual c++(2008).At first i used to get other error when i compiled.NOw am getting error spawing :cmd.exe. I googled a lot and could find some setting in VC++ directories.

Tools->options->projetcs & soultions->VC++-> then set the three things $(SystemRoot)\System32,$(SystemRoot)\System32\wbem ,$(SystemRoot).but still could get ride of the same error.Please suggest me any advice to remove this error....

keerth516 21Nov2011 13:12

Re: Error spawing:cmd.exe
By mistake i have selceted the X64 in the solution platforms.it should changed to win32 in oder to see the result in console window.

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