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p d 16Nov2011 14:58

i want get caption of textbox a program when clicked on it's button by c/c++;
it is maybe ?

xpi0t0s 17Nov2011 13:35

Re: handling
Read Petzold's Programming Windows. This will show you how.

p d 17Nov2011 15:33

Re: handling
what is it ? a book or ... what ?

xpi0t0s 17Nov2011 17:01

Re: handling
The clue was in the word "Read". Think of various things you might read. For example, would you read a donkey? Or perhaps you might read a motorbike. Do those make sense? If not, what would?

Also remember that Google Is Your Friend (GIYF). Try putting "Petzold Programming Windows" into it and see what happens. (Your computer won't explode.)

p d 18Nov2011 00:52

Re: handling
thank u . realy !
i do it and show you how it is maybe.

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