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shabbir 27Jan2007 12:51

The Art of link exchanges

Why link exchange?

One way links are always a good ways but then never underestimate the power of link exchanges from the relevant sites and they can always prove to be the best marketing policy to take your website off the ground but if done in a better way. Reciprocal links help you in two ways:

1. They increase your web site traffic, from people who click on the links.
2. Reciprocal links also play a major role in boosting your rankings in search engines. (provided they are relevant links)


Over time I always contact some sites that I feel might be prepared to swap links or even just I think the sites will be useful to my users I link to the site from the sticky threads on the forums but I prefer telling the other webmaster that I have linked to your site and so if you think you can, do the same but cannot say that I have told all of them.

The question is how is this actually done? Suppose for example that I approach the webmaster for example.com and suggest swapping links do I have to supply them with a bit of code for insertion into thier website source or is it all done from thier side. Come to think of it if they agree to swap links what do I have to do.

What is bad email?

As I am writing this article I get couple of messages popup from the GMail notifier with the subject as Link Exchange Request with the same body all over again. and I would like to share that one with you. The email look something like this.

Dear Webmaster,

I am contacting you for a link exchange between our sites. Your website has been ranking on Google for related terms (without mentioning the terms) and hence I think that linking our sites would add value to the both of our users. (Now he started begging) I humbly request you to link back to us with the following details:

URL : - http://www.example.com/
Title : - Example Site
Description : - Example site for some product
Link will be added here : - http://www.example.com/somepage.html

If you wish to have your link details changed, we will be glad to do so. (If I link it looks he is ready to do anything.)

Thanks & regards,
Some Name
SomeEmail@gmail.com (The email address is not from the domain he is willing to have links to.)
I know above one is not a spam in one respect that its used by the Contact Us form on my forums where you need the image verification to send an email or even a private messages which can be done by the registered users only but then also I qualify it as too general message deserving a reply.

The points that I would prefer when he writes such an emails are
1. If you mentioned to found me on google or any other search engine without mentioning the terms I would not consider you as a genuine person who found me on google without any terms. Yes you can always find the website without google and then dont mention that you found us on google.
2. Dont sound like you can do anything for the links. You have placed it where its appropriate and cannot be changed or if it can be changed dont place it.
3. Use the domain email address because if you can't it does give you good weight.
4. I would prefer not to be giving the link details to the other webmaster because as he is webmaster he know some basics of HTML.

Now the question comes as to what should be the content of the email that you can think will have more positive replies than just get deleted. You can always supply the code but not when you are contacting first time.

How to go about it?

In the first part I described about what is bad way to ask for the link exchanges but after criticising the way people go about it what is the better way of doing it. I would collect the following information about the website before contacting them and put them into an excel file.

| Term    | Information                                    |
| name    | Person Name to contact                          |
| siteurl  | URL of the page found with the #term#          |
| term    | Google term  (Preferably Your anchor text)      |
| termurl  | Your site url you are targeting with the #term# |

Apart from the above info you can also have the PageRank or the no of backlinks to the site as well so that its easy for you to sort out whom you want to be contacting first. Then have the email as small as possible with the above data well into it. Something like

Hello name

I am Your Name and I found your page siteurl when searching in Google for term and thought of contacting you about my website www.yoursite.com where your-site-description related to term. The url to my term section is termurl and would like to request you if that is useful to your users you can place the link to it if you want to.

Your Name
The main reason to keep the email as small is webmasters are very busy and then when he replies then you can provide the code if he prefers to but you already have the code in the first email in that little paragrapgh.

volorf 29Jan2007 18:26

Re: The Art of link exchanges
Great article!
It'll be helpful for everyone, who wants to increase web site traffic...

Thanks for article, Shabbir

shabbir 30Jan2007 03:48

Re: The Art of link exchanges
My pleasure.

volorf 31Jan2007 14:13

Re: The Art of link exchanges
don't mention it, Shabbir ^^

ted_chou12 13Feb2007 12:15

Re: The Art of link exchanges
I see, but I thought giving someone their private email address like gmail or hotmail gives a sense of closeness between the two webmasters... :rolleyes:
anyways, but is always good to have the email address extension of your own domain though.

JEBACH 22May2007 23:11


Originally Posted by ted_chou12
I see, but I thought giving someone their private email address like gmail or hotmail gives a sense of closeness between the two webmasters... :rolleyes:
anyways, but is always good to have the email address extension of your own domain though.

I couldnt agree more....

DeepSeas 11Jun2008 19:55

Re: The Art of link exchanges
I've heard that about private emails many times. Great article and thanks for the advice!

andrea32145 13Jun2008 14:34

Re: The Art of link exchanges
Thanks for sharing! Sometimes I was agonising about the bad links appeared in my Email, Especially if the link appeared more than twice. I think when they post the link, they should consider about the feeling of the client.

lydabryant 27May2009 13:11

Re: The Art of link exchanges
Nice post! :D
Link exchange is good.
But I read one-way link is much better. Search engines likes one-way link much more than a two way link. So do a lot of article writing with backlinks to your site and post it!
Good luck! ;)

LenoxFinlay 10Jul2009 12:44

Re: The Art of link exchanges
The first recommended way to get links is to develop useful, unique and original content. Webmasters who visit your website will see that content is good and will link to your website to provide their visitors with some useful websites(info maybe?). If you searched Internet for some information, then you know how hard it can be to find a useful website.

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