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amskhan 10Nov2011 09:01

Hacking adminstartor
ok so this is what i want to know how to do:
i want to make my self a hidden administrator(not neccesarily)
on a network that i connect to
i know very little programming but i am great in reasearch
i only know html bassics
but so i need to be able to hack the computer and register myself as an admin
i would prefer if it would be linked to my user not the computer i would be using

kickerr 21Nov2011 22:35

Re: Hacking adminstartor
i dont know how to make it hidden but u can go to cmd and type in net user administrator * and it will say type new password for the user type the password but u have to know the username of the user

mike_12 30Dec2011 11:23

Re: Hacking adminstartor
if you are great on research then search on net sure you find something there

kickerr 5Apr2012 18:50

Re: Hacking adminstartor
thanks mike 12

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