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kaden_sotek 9Nov2011 22:11

Just saying hello
Hello, I'm Kaden. I've been studying Java for almost a year and a half, and I've picked up C and C++ so far this semester. I've also just started looking at Visual Basic. I happened to stumble across this forum and it seems like it could be a great learning resource. I'm hoping to greatly benefit from the collective expertise on the site.


shabbir 9Nov2011 22:33

Re: Just saying hello
Hi Kaden and welcome to the forum

kaden_sotek 10Nov2011 03:45

Re: Just saying hello
Thank you, shabbir.

LifXcoach 10Nov2011 06:34

Re: Just saying hello
Hey...welcome aboard. I'm new too

shabbir 10Nov2011 10:01

Re: Just saying hello

Originally Posted by kaden_sotek (Post 89034)
Thank you, shabbir.

The pleasure is all mine.

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