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ajay2011 6Nov2011 21:19

No follow links
Does no follow links pays or it is waste of valuable time to be invested in do follow links.

shabbir 7Nov2011 05:27

Re: No follow links
It is still one of the important factors in ranking but there is hardly anyone who would give you links to your site / content that is dofollow and those dofollow sites are actually spammed like anything.

C.Rebecca 7Nov2011 11:40

Re: No follow links
No-follow links aren’t that bad! :)
They may not bring you any backlinking credit... But they can, nevertheless, generate streams of referral traffic for your website.

Click SSL 8Nov2011 13:14

Re: No follow links
Yes I agreed with C.Rebecca answer. No-follow back-links can not bring back-links credit but absolutely it can bring traffics towards your website.

jhonden 20Dec2011 15:20

Re: No follow links
No follow drives traffic but does not help in getting rank. Something is better then nothing actually. No follow is not a taboo.

jhon786 2Jan2012 13:34

Re: No follow links
The basic difference between do follow and No follow link is that do follow link help to increase page rank for our site whereas no follow link don't do that..:thinking:

mike_12 2Jan2012 15:14

Re: No follow links
its better to build do-follow links , 10 do- follow links are better the 100 no-follow links

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