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jeffreymett 3Nov2011 23:13

Online resources?
Hello. I am new to this site. I have degrees in Computer Information Systems, and Digital Media Design. I recently took the position of IT Manager at a small company. I am trying to expand my knowledge of networks, servers, routers, etc. Can anyone give me some good online resources to help me get started??

shabbir 4Nov2011 09:33

Re: Online resources?
Google is your best friend. Type what your queries are and it will give answer to almost all your questions.

jeffreymett 7Nov2011 23:38

Re: Online resources?
Ok thanks shabbir

shabbir 8Nov2011 07:19

Re: Online resources?

Originally Posted by jeffreymett (Post 88911)
Ok thanks shabbir

The pleasure is all mine.

mirandu85 8Nov2011 19:23

Re: Online resources?
well the beginning is promising in your case; welcome!

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