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and11 1Nov2011 00:45

position in buffer
Is there anyone here that knows how to step in a buffer?
Since I have problem with putting the whole code in this editor I try to explain my problem without the whole code.

Lets say that I have a buffer declared as:


INBUFFER:    .skip 128
And I have allready placed following in the buffer: 314+555

In order to read this I step through the buffer in the positions 0 to 6. So, in my subroutines I first read 314, put it in a new buffer, OUTBUFFER, and then I put the +sign and thereafter the program shall start to read the number 5 at position 4. But this doesn't work out for me.
Here's how I try to do it.

        movl    START_INPOS, %ecx       
        movl    %ecx, %ebx
        movl    $INBUFFERT, %ebx

START_INPOS has 4, which is correct, but someone told me that I'm overwriting ebx here. And I can understand that, but how should I do this. Now when starting to read, the subroutine starts to read at position 0 again , i e 3 and then 1 and so on.....

Can anyone help me here?


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